Friday, August 1, 2008

Presto Pasta Night Roundup #74

Last week, Katie at Thyme for Cooking, set aside her packing and looking after son mari to host a great week's roundups. Kudos and merci, merci, merci for a terrific job!

Many of you are aware that Sher of What Did You Eat? passed away on July 20th. She will be sorely missed...her sense of humor, her zest for life and of course, her great recipes. Sher was a regular here at PPN (in fact her last post was a PPN entry) and although I missed the tributes to her last Sunday, I thought I'd share a Presto Pasta Night version, with links to all the amazing pastas that she shared from the very first roundup. And because I know, Sher would want us to go on with gusto...on to this week's roundup.

It seems many of us are on vacation (including me), so not as many choices as usual. That said...they're all delicious.

Ivy of Kopiaste, sent this in last Friday so she'd be sure to have it part of the roundup while she went on vacation to Sparta...I love the look of this Penne with Seafood Medley.

First time PPNer, Graziana of Erbe in Cucina, comes from Italy, so you know her pasta dishes have to be awesome. This time around, she shares Penne with Almond & Garlic Pesto...and you all know how much I love pestos! Thanks Graziana and come back often.

Kitchenetta of Got No Milk has a perfect pasta for hot and steamy weather...her Nutty Pasta Salad with or without Chicken looks fantastic, even to me who has forsworn (is that how you spell it?) the stove for now.

Shannon of Simply Cooking shares a dish that sounds like Fall, but she assures us is so quick to put together, we won't mind the cooking even in the midst of a heat wave. So whether you plan on making it now or saving it for colder weather, her Pasta Shells with Cabbage & Sausage is a keeper.

Daphne of More Than Words, shares a glorious looking Pasta Lamb Bake and extolls the virtue of her oven. Mine is on vaction until it cools down around here, but this lamb bake will be one of the first it sees.

Ching of Little Corner of Mine, is back with a gorgeous looking Whole Wheat Pasta with Chicken & Crab meat..spicy or not, is up to you. I'll take mine with chilis, thanks.

Julie of The Persnickety Palate shares a great Sher dish of Fava Fettuccine. Again, we will really miss her regular contributions to Presto Pasta Nights.

KatieB of Other People's Food knows my weakness for pesto and this one...Asparagus & Pea Pesto over Straw & Hay Fettuccine is fantastic. Thanks Katie, for adding to my collection.

Serena of Rock Cakes shares a stunning Green Veg Cannelloni that is also waiting for me to turn my oven back on.

Katie of Thyme for Cooking may have a lot on her plate, what with moving and a recuperating husband, but she still manages to share a mouth-watering dish of Pasta with Tonnata Sauce. And once again, thanks for a great job of hosting last week!!!

Sherra of Our Taste of Life made a great, healthful Salmon Vergeroni Twistie Salad that is perfect for the hot summer we're having. I'm thinking it will be perfect for our next beach picnic.

Mochachocolata Rita shares a funny post and a great dish of Chicken Egg Noodles in a Creamy Sesame Sauce and wonders what you wear when cooking in your kitchen. As for me...when it's this hot...I avoid my kitchen, cover all the necessary body parts and head out to an air conditioned restaurant.

And finally, although I didn't make this all by myself, I was a part of the team that made this Mac 'n Cheese for 300 at camp.

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Ivy said...

Thanks once again for the lovely round-up. Wow, Mac 'n Cheese for 300?

Ruth Daniels said...

Pretty crazy, huh

Little Corner of Mine said...

Thank you again for the great round up. Oh, I want some of the mac & cheese!

katiez said...

That;s a lot of yellow cheese!
Great round-up, as always!