Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Presto Pasta Host Guidelines & Tips

Presto Pasta Night fans are so glad you want to host one of the roundups. Here are some guidelines and tips on making life easy for you.

1. Post the roundup on Friday - not too early so that those North American West Coasters have a chance to enter by midnight Thursday their time.

2. Unlike some other events, Presto Pasta Nights has purposefully been kept open…no specific themes, just general, anything goes pasta dishes.

3. Mention and link to Presto Pasta Nights plus the host for the following week with their link & email. You'll find the info on the Who's Hosting Next page. Use AT for @ and DOT for . to hinder spammers. Kindly mention Ruth of Once Upon a Feast as well.

4. Include photos (even if they are tiny snapshots) of each dish.

Tips to make life easy:

1. You may use the Presto Pasta Night icon if you wish, to attract attention.
(place jpeg here)

2. It’s best to write a post early in the week with your own pasta dish and mention that you’re the host for the week…link to Presto Pasta Nights, giving your email address and cc ruth (at) 4everykitchen (dot) com.   It doesn't happen often, but sometimes life and computers hiccup our good intentions.  If that happens, I can do the roundup.

I will be posting "this week's host" on Once Upon a Feast as well as Presto Pasta Nights. And I do know how difficult it is to get a post up early on…often not making it until Thursday myself, but earlier is better if you expect to draw entries.

3. Photos: there are several ways to go about this, depending on your ISP and connectivity issues….
- some people include a jpeg with their email to you, (most won't)
- some people like to keep their photos on flickr, so you can upload them there (or which ever other service you use) to add to your roundup post.
- some people, like me, just upload directly to the computer in a file for Presto Pasta Night.

4. Start a draft of the roundup when the first entry arrives in your email and add the rest as they come in…it saves time and energy on Friday.

5. Email back to those submitting to you, so they know you’ve received it. It’s also a nice touch if you could leave a comment on their post, not to mention the fact that it might encourage other commenters to enter too.

6. Please forward the emails to me as a back up in case of technical challenges... It is rare, but it does happen.
Most important...HAVE FUN WITH IT!!! And thanks a million for hosting.

If you're interested, please join the Presto Pasta Night Gang on My Facebook and let's see where the fun takes us all this year!

And if you'd like to be a Presto Pasta Night Host, email me directly at ruth@4everykitchen.com

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