Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Look Who's Hosting Presto Pasta Nights

To find out about Presto Pasta Nights and find out how to enter...scroll down past the schedule. November, 2008 marked a turning point...I'll be hosting once a month and turning over the reins to more guest hosts. If you're interested in hosting a Presto Pasta Night Roundup yourself, check out the guidelines and tips and then email me at ruth@4everykitchen.com 
November, 2012 and the end of an era

PPN #290, Nov 16
Host: Ruth of Once Upon a Feast
Send your entries to  ruth (at) 4everykitchen (dot) com by Thursday, Nov 15 and check back for the roundup on Friday, Nov 16

Hard as it is to believe, that June, 2008, Kevin of Closet Cooking was our first guest host. In the spring, I asked for volunteers to host Presto Pasta Nights, hoping that at least a couple of people would want to host. The response was overwhelming. There are still some names on the list, and I apologize if I haven't gotten back to you. It seems that some emails no longer work, some people have fallen off the blogging train and others are just too busy.

To share a recipe for a roundup: 1. Write your post and e-mail your permalink to the host by Thursday evening so that it can be included in Friday’s roundup. Don’t forget to tell us the name you to go by, your blog’s name, and the name of your dish. 2. Be sure to include a link to that week's host and a mention to Ruth of Once Upon a Feast with the words Presto Pasta Nights in the post. (If you're late, just change the name and link to the following week's host).

Please join the Presto Pasta Night Gang on My Facebook and let's see where the fun takes us all this year!

A Little Presto Pasta Night History... Presto Pasta Nights has come a long way since it started its journey in March of 2007. Our first roundup had only 8 entries, but each one was awesome. And week after week the word spread. As of February 25, 2011 we've published over 3700 entries from all over the world. Every week food bloggers photograph and write about their latest pasta creation… if it’s for breakfast, lunch or dinner; served hot or cold; spicy or sweet; from appetizers to mains to desserts, you’ll find it in the roundup published every Friday with links and photos to all the posts. I hosted the first 66 Presto Pasta Night Roundups all by myself and then decided to share the fun with guest hosts. So this is the place to check out who will be hosting. I'll be updating it regularly so that you can see the next month's hosts at a glance and how to contact them. For guidelines and tips on sending in an entry or thinking about hosting yourself... check here


Sweet and Savory said...

Ruth, just a reminder. When I signed up, you gave me a date in November. As long as it after the holidays, I am fine with any date. I will check when we are giving out report cards. That week is much too busy. I will get you that date. I think earlier in November is better. Thanks. C

Now Serving said...

First I am hearing of this - What a wonderful idea - I would love to host one of these in march may or june...
Please visit my website at

Ruth Daniels said...

Now Serving, I'd love to have you host a Presto Pasta Night Roundup. Please email me all your details including the name you wish to use as host, the name that appears on your blog with a link (this one didn't work). May & June are both wide open currently.

Just send it to ruth (at) 4everykitchen (dot) com And I do hope to see an entry or two of your dishes even before that.

Pia said...

Hi Ruth

I have changed my blog name and URL. cook with pia is now

www.cookhealthy.in, Blog name is Cook healthy. Please change it . Thanks in advance

Anu said...

I see my name here for July!!! Im soooper excited and i already have my post written up.. Can you believe I've already gotten 4 entries from my friends!!!
Love pasta!

Ruth Daniels said...

Anu, you do realize you're not scheduled to host until the end of July, right? As for friends with no blogs, just have them send you their recipes and you can either write individual posts or put them all together in one. Mention each one separately in the roundup. If they have photos that would be awesome, if not... it won't be the first time.

Thanks again for hosting.

Lail said...

Thanks for letting me host, Ruth. The round up can be found -