Monday, June 9, 2008

A Brief History of Pasta

Did you know that...(according to Wikipedia anyway)

Archaeologists found evidence of noodles in China dating back 4000 years...that's around 2000BC - Wow, talk about well preserved!

Second Century CE Greeks wrote about pasta as did 4th & 5th Century writings from Palestine.

All that to say..Marco Polo (13th C ) was obviously NOT the first to discover it, as legend says.

A recipe for lasagna was found in a 5th C Italian cookbook. Okay, the link to one of my own...doesn't date back that far!

And, apparently there are 350 pasta shapes! There are lots of good sites that give photos and descriptions...Wikipedia , Food Info Net , Cook's Thesaurus and the National Pasta Association (a great site for recipes, cooking tips, and a kids corner for those who really want to play with their food) are just a few.

How many shapes have you used? I think I might have to start counting.

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